What is the fine for not wearing a seat belt in 2024?

According to the Traffic Rules, every driver is obliged to wear seat belts and fasten every passenger in the front and rear seats. First, it is for the safety of each passenger. Secondly, in the event of an accident, the driver is criminally liable for seriously injured passengers who were not wearing seat belts.

Amount of fines for not wearing a seat belt

There are main categories of fines:

  1. 510 UAH - a fine of this amount will have to be paid by the driver who decided to drive unbuckled. Please note that this amount will also have to be paid for each unbelted person in the car

  2. from 2400 to 8500 UAH - will have to be paid to the driver of the vehicle in the event of an accident with an unfastened seat belt

Who can drive without a seat belt?

Previously, there were categories of people, such as taxi drivers, instructors, the disabled, or people in special vehicles, who were allowed to drive without a seat belt. But with the latest changes, all people in cars must wear seat belts.

Who pays the seat belt fine?

It is the driver of the car who pays the fine for non-compliance with traffic rules. That is why it is in the driver's interest to suppress any rebellion from passengers on this topic.

Requirements for people up to 145 cm tall

Changes in traffic rules have also occurred at the level of height and age. Previously, children under 12 had to sit only in a child car seat, but according to the 2024 traffic rules, everyone under 145 cm in height must use a car seat.

Can I use a "plug" instead of a belt?

The latest technologies have both advantages and disadvantages. The release of new cars with a seatbelt checking system encourages "smart Ukrainians" to use so-called "plugs". People don't want to hear the sound of a seat belt not being fastened all the time, and they do a terrible thing - they cheat the safety system.

We will not describe how bad this decision is, but we will say that most deaths in road accidents are caused by the fact that a person was not wearing a seat belt. Of course, a seat belt can cause numerous injuries, but in most cases it can also save lives. Always demand that you and your passengers use the belt for its intended purpose.