CASCO - full vehicle protection guaranteed! This insurance is designed for any wallet and car. We, in turn, are ready to provide maximum comfort for you from the moment of conclusion of the contract to its extension, because you definitely want to stay with us! 

Many people ask: “Why do I need CASCO insurance if nothing happened for 10 years?”. Agree, a difficult question, because a person takes care of his car and knows for sure that in his hands he will be whole. And we would agree with him, but the car 70% of time is out of sight of the owner. At the time of sleep or being at work, a person can not affect many factors such as natural disasters, arson or commonplace damage to his car. 

If you notice damage, then you do not need to run around and look for cameras, in the hope that they can clearly see the pest that bothered your car. You have a CASCO! All you need is to contact the insurance company and get paid in a short time, after which the car should be repaired. If the damage is severe, then you have to wait for the police and file a case, but it is much more painless than losing the entire amount of damage or, in the worst case, the entire cost of the car. 

CASCO insurance is relevant primarily for those who have a relatively new car under 3-5 years old. In this case, the price of insurance will be less than for an older car and at the same time there is the possibility of choosing a “zero deductible”. 

What is a zero franchise? 

In the case of a CASCO insurance contract with a zero deductible (deductible 0 % or UAH), in any case, the insurance company covers the loss in full.  

CASCO provides peace of mind for its owner. No need to worry about your car, because you are sure that if there is any trouble and the car gets damaged, it will be repaired for the money of the insurance company. 

The insurance company has a 24-hour hotline that will provide reliable support and highly qualified assistance in case of an insured event. After all, the most important thing is to have a complete understanding of your actions, especially in a shock situation. 

CASCO calculator

In the case of CASCO insurance, creating an automatic calculation calculator is quite difficult and close to impossible. After all, many factors that affect the price will not be able to give the obviously accurate amount to the client when calculating on their own. 

We can calculate the exact price of insurance within 30 minutes after receiving the documents for the car (technical passport or "technical passport").

We have a CASCO calculator, and we can calculate the cost taking into account all the necessary points. You need an understanding of your budget, within which you are ready to conclude an agreement. After all, CASCO is on any wallet. Thanks to the CASCO calculator, we can select the price individually for you in a short time.  

If you disassemble the CASCO calculator in parts, then first of all the car brand affects the price of CASCO insurance. The more popular the car brand, the more expensive the insurance will be (due to the risk of theft).  

You can also choose different risks (simultaneously and separately): 

  1. Accident damage 

  2. Minor damage (any damage not related to an accident) 

  3. Theft (reimbursement to the owner of the car as a result of the theft) 

  4. Fire (refund in the event of a car fire, whether it is a tan or a short circuit). Attention! “Short circuit” is an optional extra.  

CASCO online

CASCO insurance can be bought online by providing us with a photo of your documents. In the 21st century, any insurance can be electronic, but the CASCO contract must be in your hard copy. We can send for free by New mail to the nearest branch to you. 

Anyone who is 18 years old can apply for CASCO online (as an insured). Also, a car can be both credit and issued to an individual. You can buy CASCO online in any way convenient for you. 

For registration we need a complete set of your documents:

  1. Registration certificate 

  2. Rights (optional) 

  3. Passport 

  4. TIN code (identification) 

  5. A document confirming the price of a car (when insuring a new car bought in the cabin) 


CASCO is divided into full and partial. When buying a full CASCO, you get the maximum package of services and the degree of client "VIP". The insurance "Full CASCO" initially included cases of theft and complete destruction of the car (total). If desired, in full CASCO, you can also remove and add options that interest you. 

The insurance company provides the "Full CASCO" service for European cars, American and other countries of production. 

Today, full insurance of a car brought from the USA is relevant, we are ready to insure such a car by examining it before insurance.  

CASCO cost in 2024

If you are ready to take out CASCO insurance, then we are waiting for documents from you to calculate the exact cost of insurance. The cost of CASCO for a new car will be within 3-5% of the cost of the car. Naturally, the price will depend on the selected options. You can choose the options that are necessary for you, which will make the edge of price and insurance quality as pleasant as possible.  

The cost of the CASCO agreement can be found online. To do this, simply order a call back from us or immediately send a photo of the registration certificate to viber / telegram in the contacts section. 

What is CASCO insurance?

To answer the question "what is CASCO?" you need to know that this is a voluntary type of insurance that covers any damage to your car. CASCO is of different types, but the essence of this does not change. CASCO risks may include damage in case of an accident, damage by third parties, theft, fire and more. 

How much is CASCO insurance?

CASCO price is calculated depending on many factors, such as the make of the car, the year of manufacture of the car, the franchise you have chosen (in case of an accident, theft and minor damage), the estimated value of the car. In order to answer how much CASCO costs, you need to get a car document from you (data sheet). We will calculate the cost as soon as possible (up to 30 minutes). 

How much is CASCO insurance in Ukraine?

CASCO is available in any country in the world, but prices in Ukraine vary depending on the options chosen for the same car. It is possible to enable options: damage in case of an accident, constructive destruction of the car (“total” - if the cost of restoration is more than 70% of the cost of the car). We are ready to calculate different options for you so that you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. 


Many people confuse a motor CASCO and a motor citizen, but it is worth distinguishing them in such a way that a motor citizen covers damage caused to third parties (other people's property or human life and health). Auto CASCO covers exactly your car and everything that happens to it. Paying a relatively small payment, you knowingly save your money in the future 


What is the difference between CASCO and OSAGO?

CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance that covers all cases with your car (theft, accident, fire, etc.) OSAGO is a compulsory type of insurance that the police require. Covers other people's property and life, in case of your fault in an accident

How to find out the CASCO price?

Leave us your number and we will call you back, clarifying all the necessary questions to calculate the price. Or call yourself on any of our phones