Athletes insurance

This article will focus on the insurance of athletes. Everyone who has ever participated in competitions knows that insurance is simply necessary. In this regard, this type of insurance is mandatory. For someone, insurance is written out by the coach, parents. But, you can make it yourself.

What does athlete insurance cover?

This type of insurance covers everything that happens to a person instantly. For example: You are going to a competition, for some reason you did not warm up well and got injured (injury is an instant event). A very unpleasant situation. But upon arrival, you will be compensated for the costs of the insurance policy. The coverage includes bruises, fractures, subluxations, dislocations, poisoning, concussions.

The second name of such a policy is accident insurance. This suggests that guys who do not go in for sports can also buy this type of service. The only difference is that such insurance is already voluntary. Valid for those who just walk around the city, go to work, study, and especially for those who live in a hostel. After all, far from the parents of money does not happen much. Especially they tend to end at the moment when there is an urgent need. In this case, the insurance company provides parental care.

How to get insurance for an athlete in Kharkiv?

For registration you need to have a passport and a code. This insurance is annual, you can find out the cost for it directly on our website. There is a belief: "I paid the insurance premium - I settled with God." Therefore, throughout the year you can not worry.

Do not get into hopeless situations, and may everything be fine with you! :)