Insurance for a trip to Poland on a visa-free basis

Poland is one of the most popular countries for Ukrainians to travel to. People go to Poland to work on a VISA and on a trip without a VISA. In any case, insurance is required for a trip to Poland.

The most basic question for clients is: “Will they let me into Poland with your insurance?”. And we will answer: “Yes, of course!”. We sell insurance from reliable insurance companies in Ukraine. 

Travel insurance for Poland

When leaving for Poland at the border, you must present a medical insurance policy that should cover the costs of treatment in case of an accident.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling on a VISA or with a biometric passport under the VISA FREE, in any case, you must have insurance available.

Today, you do not need to have a printed version of insurance. It is enough to save the file in your phone or print it on regular A4. Such insurance is guaranteed to fit at customs and cover your treatment costs.

Insurance for a trip to Poland on a visa-free basis

When traveling abroad with a biometric passport, electronic insurance is issued for the period you need.

Duration of insurance in Poland:

  • Minimum term 5 days

  • Maximum term 1 year

  • The possibility of issuing the required number of days during the year (For example, if you often travel to Poland or come to Ukraine for a while, then the insurance will start when you cross the border to Poland and stop when you return home).

  • You can choose any period between 5 days and 1 year (1 month, 2 months, 90 days, 180 days, etc.)

Medical insurance for a trip to Poland

Medical insurance (aka travel insurance) is required when crossing the border.

What does health insurance cover in Poland?

  • Any accident, sudden illness, temperature, fractures, etc.

In case of an insured event, it is enough to contact the insurance company by phone. You will be directed to the nearest clinic or an ambulance will be called to you.

All expenses will be covered by the insurance company!

Buy travel insurance for Poland

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