Insurance to Poland for a VISA - 100% guarantee of submission

Poland is one of the most popular countries for work among Ukrainians. But today you need a visa for long-term work in Poland.

Any of the listed insurances is suitable for a visa. You only choose the number of days you need. Before applying, check out the list of insurance companies that are accredited to issue policies.

Attention! Our insurance is 100% suitable for a VISA to Poland

The price of insurance for a Polish visa

The cost of insurance for applying for a visa depends on several parameters:

  • The insurance company that issues the insurance policy

  • Period of validity of the policy (must be equal to or greater than the duration of the trip)

  • Sum insured

  • Franchise in the contract (pay attention to the terms of the franchise amount)

What are the requirements for insurance for a Polish visa from clients?

  1. The insurance must be guaranteed to be suitable for the embassy.

  2. The validity of the insurance is 1 year. But any validity period from 30 days to a year

  3. Registration in the shortest possible time

  4. The price should surprise you

We are ready to meet all requirements and provide high quality service. We value our reputation. Take out insurance on the KIRINS platform and you will want to share our service with your friends!

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How to get visa insurance?

We deliver insurance free of charge by Nova Poshta. You can order a policy online on our website, fill in all the necessary data on the documents (foreign passport and TIN code) and indicate the address of the office for delivery.