Insurance for a military department against accident

Why insure for a military department?

In any situation, the insurance company assumes responsibility for people's health, removing it from the staff of the military department.

For them, this is a great plus, because students just need to bring money and get an insurance policy. The minimum expenditure of energy. 

In the event of an accident at a military department, it is enough for a student to contact the insurance company for payment, without affecting the leadership of the military department. 

What does insurance cover and where to go?

The insurance is designed for an accident (leg fracture, muscle strain, any injuries, etc.). Any insurance company pays either according to the table or per day of the victim's incapacity. 

What does the table mean?

In any accident, there are definitely compiled payout tables for a given incident. They are a minus if, for example, gypsum is applied for a month, because the payment will only be for the costs of applying gypsum. 

If you choose by incapacity, then the payment will occur for every day that the victim carried the same plaster. For each day, 0.3% of the sum insured is paid. 

All payments are made according to checks and certificates. 

The cost of insurance for the military department

The cost depends only on the insurance amount that you choose. For the military department, they ask for a minimum coverage of UAH 10,000. Such insurance will cost UAH 400. Accordingly, you can increase the amount of coverage up to UAH 50,000. The cost of such insurance is 1 800 UAH. 

Insurance is issued both for a year and any other period at your request.

How to order insurance?

It's very simple, send a photo of your passport, code, as well as the sum insured that you still chose to viber / telegram in the contacts section. Insurance is issued within 10 minutes.