Strakhovka or strakhivka - what is correct?

Strakhovka or strakhivka

More correct to talk "strakhovka" is not borrowing from Russian. However, Google will understand any forms "strakhovka", "insurance", "policy of insurance", "contract of insurance" and even "strakhivka".

What are types of insurance?

There is compulsory and voluntary insurance, risk and accumulative insurance. Car insurance is divided into those types that are valid while the car is in Ukraine. For example, OSAGO (or Car insurance) or voluntary KASKO insurance. And also those types of insurance that are issued for a car for a trip abroad. For example, a mandatory Green Card agreement. 

There is also life insurance. For traveling to other countries, a travel insurance contract is issued, for sports, accident insurance, and for saving for serious illness or death, there is endowment insurance. On our website you will find all available offers and can buy insurance in a matter of minutes.

It's better not to talk, but to buy insurance

In any case, regardless of how you request an insurance policy - strakhovka  or strakhivka - our managers will understand what you need and provide advice on all issues. It is important to have mandatory insurance contracts, such as OSAGO (car insurance for staying in Ukraine), Green Card (car insurance for traveling abroad), Travel Insurance (policy for a traveler), insurance for a foreigner and other types.