In what cases is OSAGO insurance presented?

One of the most common questions among car enthusiasts is when am I required to present an OSAGO (autocitizen) policy to a police officer?

Where did it come from? Until recently, when there was no police yet, traffic police officers used drivers' ignorance of the laws and, mainly in order to earn additional funds, stopped cars to check OSAGO insurance.

In what cases is it necessary to present OSAGO insurance?

To date, the patrol police have a database of insured vehicles. Even before stopping the car, they know whether the vehicle is insured or not. But still, they cannot stop the car without violating traffic rules.

Each driver, along with the rights and registration certificate, is obliged to carry insurance with him in accordance with the law of Ukraine on insurance and traffic rules. This means that you need to have insurance with you in your phone (if it is issued online) or in the glove compartment if it is a printed version.

But in case of violation of traffic rules and when drawing up a protocol, the policeman is obliged to ask you for an insurance policy.

It is also necessary to show the insurance policy in the event of an accident to the police or the injured person. If you have an insurance policy, then all damage within the sum insured goes to the insurance company, but if at the time of the accident there was no insurance policy and you are not a person legally exempt from insurance, then the damage falls on your shoulders.

In what cases is insurance provided?

You can check OSAGO insurance (autocitizenship) in 2023 in the following cases:

  1. Road traffic accident (RTA)

  2. Drawing up a police report on traffic violations

They do not have the right to check OSAGO insurance (autocitizenship):

  1. When the vehicle is stopped without violation (also without evidence of violation)

But in fact, we are all people, and if you have insurance and the policeman suddenly asked you to show it, you don’t need to immediately remember all the laws referring to them. Pity your nerves and do not endanger others!