At what age can children ride in the front seat?

All parents know the question "When can I drive near you?". Safety on the road is paramount, especially when there are children in the car. So what is the decisive factor for riding in the front seat - age or height? Let's look at this question in accordance with the current traffic rules for 2024.

What is more important - age or height?

Before the law was amended in 2021, attention was paid to age and height. However, now physiological characteristics play a decisive role. Anyone over 145 cm tall can sit in the front seat, regardless of age. Thus, seat belts are designed for an average person, which means that the consequences of a possible accident will be minimal if this is the height. It is believed that in this case, the upper part of the belt falls on the collarbone, not the neck, and the lower part falls on the abdomen, which helps to avoid injuries to internal organs.

Child in the front seat

In accordance with clause 21.11 of the traffic rules, there are certain points for organizing traffic with children, namely

  • children taller than 145 cm can be in the front seat without a car seat and restraint system

  • children under 145 cm tall and over 3 years of age may ride only in the second or third row seats, and only in a child restraint system. 

  • children under 3 years of age, regardless of height, can sit in a special rear-facing car seat. Please note that the front right airbag must be deactivated.

Penalty for improper transportation of children

The driver of the vehicle is responsible for non-compliance with the rules of transportation of children. The fine will be UAH 510 for the first violation and UAH 850 for the next stop within a year.