Forms of mandatory technical control for vehicles are now electronic

Electronic OTC forms have been introduced

On August 25, 2023, technical control forms became electronic, as reported by the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Changes in the quality control process

Tools have been created to control commercial, passenger and freight carriers. The list of those who must undergo the mandatory vehicle inspection procedure can be found here

Video recording of the technical inspection is being introduced, as well as an electronic version of the protocol, making the process of obtaining documents faster and more convenient, and the procedure more transparent.

Video recording of technical control

According to the amendments, instead of photo recording, video recording of the process of passing control by carriers is being introduced. This makes it impossible to falsify the protocol or fictitiously pass certain stages. 

However, according to the decision of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, video recording will start 6 months after the termination or lifting of martial law. 

All materials will be stored in a single national database for 3 years. If necessary, you can contact the entity conducting the mandatory technical control of the vehicle to obtain all the information.

Electronic protocol of quality control

An electronic copy of the protocol is a valid document certifying the results of the vehicle inspection for safety and technical condition, such as:

  • braking and steering systems

  • external lighting devices

  • pneumatic tires and wheels

  • light transmission of glass

  • gas cylinder equipment (if any)

  • verification of identification numbers and license plates of the vehicle with the data of registration documents

The electronic MTC protocol must contain complete and accurate information on: 

  • Date of passing the MTC by the carrier

  • Time of the inspection

  • Results of the mandatory technical control