Electronic documents of drivers in the Diya mobile application

On 02/06/2020, a presentation of the new DIA mobile application took place. Now all the documents that you previously had to carry with you can be stored on your phone.

The application contains the data of every car enthusiast who has a driver's license and registration certificate. At the moment, more than 12 types of documents for Ukrainians are already available.

It is possible to look at this application from all angles and have different views. But we know for sure that the number of people fined for lack of documents will decrease significantly. Because of this, of course, the state will lose some of the budget on fines 😊, but that's another story.

Driving license and registration certificate online in the Diya program

Electronic documents (license and registration certificate) online will help anyone who wants to insure their car for motor vehicle insurance, CASCO and other types of insurance. You can conveniently and quickly issue an insurance policy on the online insurance platform KIRINS.

As you know, you can’t leave a registration certificate in a car, because without it they don’t open a case with the police, and therefore, you shouldn’t expect payments in case of theft. With the help of the Diya mobile application, the whole family will be able to save the registration certificate on the phone and drive safely. This greatly simplifies life, because you no longer need to transfer documents to family members.

Дия для страхования 

Download the mobile application "Diya" online

Everyone can download the mobile application (links below) to any smartphone or tablet and start using the electronic driver's license and registration certificate.

Download links:

Download from App Store

Download from Google Play (Play Market)

We are waiting for new updates in the application and support the digital front of Ukraine!