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Electronic OSAGO insurance

E-policy will completely replace the physical copy from a legal point of view
Insurance OSAGO - mandatory type of car insurance, which provides compensation to the third person who suffered in an accident.
The insurance company is covering the damage bills, caused by the policyholder.

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Benefits of buying online

Convenient design
Convenient designWithout papers and visits to the office
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Time savingRegistration takes no more than 5 minutes
Without papers
Without papersThe policy does not need a printed version
Impossible to lose
Impossible to loseThe policy cannot be lost, it is always with you

Buying auto insurance OSAGO (Autocitizen) in Zaporizhzhya will not be difficult, because the insurance policy is issued electronically in a matter of minutes. Calculate the price, because we, the KIRINS insurance agent, offer discounted prices from the official insurance price.

OSAGO auto insurance is a mandatory type of car insurance that provides material protection for the owner of the car insurance policy in case of his fault in an accident.

The insurance covers losses associated with damage to property, life or health of third parties.

It is very important to have an insurance policy from a reliable insurance company, and not just “for the police”. 

The cost of autocitizen in Zaporizhzhya

The price of an OSAGO insurance policy for a car depends on the following parameters:

  • Type of vehicle - car or truck, trailer, bus or motorcycle

  • Engine capacity - for cars and motorcycles, number of seats - for a bus, load capacity - for a truck, etc.

  • Duration of insurance - You can choose the desired duration of insurance. Buses are insured for 6 months, as they need to pass mandatory vehicle control

  • Registration of the owner of the vehicle - city / village of registration of the owner according to the registration certificate

You can independently calculate the cost of OSAGO (autocitizenship) in the calculator above. 

Documents required for registration of OSAGO for a car in Zaporizhzhia

To apply for an OSAGO insurance policy, you must provide the following documents:

For physical persons:

  • Registration certificate (both sides)

  • Driver's license or passport of a citizen of Ukraine

  • Identification code (TIN)

For legal persons:

  • Registration certificate (both sides)

  • Company registration certificate

Benefits of issuing a policy at the KIRINS insurance agency

What does a person usually pay attention to when choosing an insurance company? Everything is very simple. The company must be reliable, have a high service and at the same time a competitive price in the market. We offer an insurance policy from the market leader at a promotional price from KIRINS.

But how do we differ from our competitors?

  1. We sell at an interesting price - we provide discounts on official policies

  2. At the program level, we transfer all data to a single MTIBU database, which indicates instant official registration of insurance. This base is also seen by the police and the DIA application

  3. We arrange insurance in minutes

  4. We guarantee the price / quality. We are not ashamed of our partner!

  5. Experience in insurance - 10 years