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Travel insurance

You can buy compulsory medical insurance for travelling in less than 5 minutes. Fill in the form on the website and receive the policy to your email
Any country in the world, a large selection of age categories, a nice price

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How to apply for an insurance policy online?

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Benefits of buying online

Convenient design
Convenient designWithout papers and visits to the office
Time saving
Time savingRegistration takes no more than 5 minutes
Without papers
Without papersThe policy does not need a printed version
Impossible to lose
Impossible to loseThe policy cannot be lost, it is always with you

With the spread of coronavirus disease, the list of documents that must be collected to travel abroad is increasing. Today, a tourist must present a negative test or vaccination certificate to travel to Mexico. Standard international travel insurance should now also cover the risk of COVID-19. 

It is always important to remember about safety and health, and when traveling to other countries this need doubles, because the system of medical care is fundamentally different from the Ukrainian one. Expensive treatment, the difficulty of making an appointment with a doctor and getting a consultation makes the process of applying for a policy more important. Every tourist, planning a trip to Mexico, wants to be filled with emotions and beautiful places, and shift the responsibility for the occurrence of possible risks onto the shoulders of the insurance company. 

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, be sure to take care of your health insurance. You can calculate the actual cost of the policy directly on our website in the online calculator. 

How do I get travel insurance for Mexico?

Calculate the cost of insurance for the specified parameters:

  1. Direction of travel. Indicate Mexico or other countries you want to visit

  2. The duration of the trip. Specify the start and end date of the trip

  3. Purpose of Travel. If you are planning an active holiday or a sport with increased risk, then the option “sports” must be included in the insurance. Sports include diving, kiting and other types specified in additional options

  4. The age of the insured. We offer an insurance policy for all age categories

  5. Franchise. With an increase in the deductible, the cost of the policy decreases

  6. Coverage amount. To travel to Mexico, you need insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros and always with the risk of COVID-19

Next, select an option and fill out the order form with information about the insured and the details of the trip. We will process your application within 10 minutes! In case it is more convenient for you to send us a photo of the documents so that our managers fill in the data for you, just write to us on any messenger (section Contacts) and send the tourist's passport, TIN code (identification code) and travel dates.

The next step is to process the payment. You can pay for the insurance policy conveniently from the options presented:

  • Payment using the LiqPay payment system (you get an invoice when filling out the form in the calculator)

  • Transfer to a bank card (PrivatBank) 

  • Payment according to the details of the insurance company (when paying for the policy in full)

What is covered by travel insurance in Mexico?

Companies offer different insurance packages, the main insured events are:

  • Acute diseases

  • Injuries resulting from an accident (without sports participation). Or outdoor activities and dangerous sports when choosing an additional option

  • Deterioration of health

  • Fatal outcome

The exception to the insured event is:

  • Chronic disease treatment

In the event of an insured event, the insurance company assumes the costs that are included in your insurance package. 

If something happened to a tourist who has an insurance policy in his hands, then it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Contact the insurance company immediately upon the occurrence of an insured event (call or write to the messenger at the number indicated in the insurance policy). All actions must be agreed in advance with the assistance of the insurance company. They can write to a medical facility, call an ambulance, or take other measures. All this will be paid for by the insurance company.

  • Follow the instructions of the insurance company manager. He will clearly give a plan of action for obtaining medical care while staying abroad.

Benefits of obtaining insurance in Mexico at the KIRINS insurance agency

Advantages of the KIRINS insurance agency in the insurance market:

  1. ONLINE registration - you can independently calculate the cost on the site and fill out the order form

  2. FAVORABLE price - we provide discounts on official policies of insurance companies

  3. RELIABLE partners - we cooperate with the leaders of the insurance market

  4. QUICK registration - the manager will select the conditions you need and issue insurance within 20 minutes. The process will be doubled if you enter the data yourself when calculating the price in the calculator

  5. EXPERIENCE in the insurance market - more than 10 years!