Europrotocol in case of an accident in Ukraine - Sample form

There was an accident and you need to fill out the European protocol? Then read the article further. We will try to answer such questions as: What is the Europrotocol? Why is it needed? In what cases and how to fill in the Europrotocol correctly?

Filling out the Euro protocol without calling the police is not always a good idea. As you know, for 2023 the OSAGO limits are as follows: UAH 320,000 for health damage and UAH 160,000 for property damage. You may ask, what is the maximum payment under the Europrotocol?

But be careful, the maximum payment under the European protocol is UAH 80,000, and not the full limits of OSAGO insurance, and can only be filled for damage to property.

What documents are required for an accident?

Before filling out the Europrotocol, carefully and unemotionally evaluate the damage. At first glance, it may seem that you are investing in the Europrotocol limit, but if the limit is exceeded, the perpetrator of the accident will pay the difference on his own.

Due to a large number of problems, the Europrotocol is not in demand. But now there is an electronic European protocol system from the MTIBU, which guarantees the correct filling and instant registration of the incident in a single database. Link to fill in the electronic europrotocol:

When should the Europrotocol be filled out?

Europrotocol saves the lives of the perpetrators of the accident. Since when they call the police, their license is taken away. And if a person is a driver of any company? That's all, you can say goodbye to work for an incomprehensible period. If the damage is not significant, then filling out the European protocol makes life easier for the participants in the accident.

Why do damage assessments need to be done on the spot?

As everyone knows, cars should not be rearranged after an accident, as this can significantly affect the objectivity of the accident assessment. The same applies to damage assessment. Everything must be done on the spot! You may be offered to drive to the nearest service station, but if the culprit leaves? Where to look for it and to whom to prove what?

If the participants in the accident did not find a “common language”, it is worth calling the police. So you will be calmer and the likelihood of being denied a payment is significantly reduced.

ATTENTION! In order to issue a European protocol, the following rules must be observed:

  • Only two involved in the accident

  • Damage to vehicles only

  • Participants in a sober and adequate condition

  • Participants came to a common opinion regarding the circumstances of the incident

  • Damage does not exceed the limit

In case of damage to people's health, the police must be called to the scene of an accident, the euro protocol is not issued!

We recommend filling out the electronic euro protocol, as this guarantees the correctness of entering information and instant registration of an accident in a single database, but if you still want to fill out a printed euro protocol, then a sample can be seen below: