How are payments made under "CASCO without exceptions"

Consider the settlement process for "CASCO without exceptions" or "Full KASKO", from which stages you should expect delays in any company.

Contacting the insurance company in case of an insured event

After the occurrence of an insured event, first of all, you need to call the company's hotline and fix the case, describing the incident and recording your data.

Next, you must contact the insurance company within 3 working days to write a written application with the provision of all necessary documents:

  1. Mandatory (in any case, be it a cracked windshield or an accident):

  • registration certificate

  • Driver’s license (driver in case of an accident)

  • Passport (owner)

  • Code (owner)

  1. If available (possibly one or more):

  • Photo scheme of an accident

  • admin protocol

  • Europrotocol

  • Photos from the scene of the accident

The main settlement process for CASCO

After writing the application, depending on the selected insurance conditions, the emergency commissioner, together with an independent expert, coordinates a visit with an inspection at an authorized service station or partner service station (a service station that entered into an agreement with the company).

In most cases, the main delay comes from the service station. Since they are very busy, it can be quite difficult to allocate time for inspection. Sometimes you have to wait a week for the station to sign it up for troubleshooting.

After a detailed inspection of the car with disassembly, the station must issue an invoice for auto repair, if the loss is simple (up to 3-5 parts), then the station is able to issue an invoice within 1-2 days. If the loss is complex enough, then the station can issue an invoice from 2 to 5 days (the values ​​are provided on average, since there is an opportunity to issue an invoice within 1 day, it all depends on the workload of the station).

After receiving the invoice, the insurance company must agree on this invoice. The invoice is coordinated both by positions and by the price of each spare part. Often, again, it all depends on the complexity of the loss, simple accounts are agreed within 1 day, complex ones take more time. But as practice shows, if everything is indicated in the invoice without unnecessary work and according to the price list of the stations (without overpricing), then even a very complex invoice can be agreed upon in 2-3 days.

Preparation of documents for an insured event

After all the actions indicated above, the adjuster of a particular area prepares an Insurance act and submits all necessary documents to the Head Office. At this point, all documents confirming the ownership of the car must be provided and all necessary statements must be written.

Transfer of documents to Head office

Documents are transmitted in scanned copies for signing to the necessary persons at the Head Office and are sent in parallel by mail in originals.

As a rule, it takes 1-2 days to check and sign a case (depending on the number of signatories, the greater the loss, the more signatures).

Transferring the case to accounting

After the documents are approved, they are sent for payment. And here it all depends on the amount of stocks in the insurance company. Good companies are able to pay within 1-2 days, but companies in a more difficult position may take several days to weeks to pay.


Actions after payment by the insurance company

If payment was made to the station, then on the day of payment, service stations order all the necessary spare parts and materials for repairs. This takes quite a bit of time. If the spare parts are already on the territory of Ukraine, then you will have to wait about 3 days. If the spare parts are delivered to us, then on average it takes 2-3 weeks for delivery to the station (this applies to both authorized and unauthorized stations).

Then you are recorded for repair and your car is restored.

Summing up the terms of the settlement of CASCO

If you go through all the stages, then you need to spend the following amount of time:

For a simple loss (windshield, headlights, damage to 1-3 elements, etc.):

Write an application (1 day)

  • Vehicle inspection (on the same day at the UK office)

  • Receipt of an invoice (1-2 days, possibly even on the same day)

  • Account reconciliation (same day)

  • Preparation and sending of documents (1 day)

  • Signing (1 day)

  • Payment (1-2 days)

As we can see, for a simple loss, from the receipt of documents to payment, it is necessary to spend from 3 days, in an ideal scenario. That is, on the day the application is written, the station will provide an invoice and it will be immediately approved, the scanned documents are sent to the Civil Defense (Head Office) for signing and transferred to the accounting department.

But in fact, even in the "ideal" insurance companies, it is difficult to achieve this level of payments. Companies do their best to meet these criteria and quickly go through all the stages of the settlement, but we are all people, and it is worth understanding that the human factor can play at each stage.

To apply for CASCO on the KIRINS platform, go to this page.