Motor insurance without Ukrainian registration

Motor Citizenship Insurance (OSAGO) without registration in Ukraine may be needed in 2 cases:

  1. The car is registered in another country (has a foreign state number)

  2. The car is cleared by customs in Ukraine, but is not yet registered (without a number or on transit numbers)

In this article, you will learn how to insure a car without registration in Ukraine, on transit numbers or without a number correctly!

How to fill in the data in the price calculator?

In order to purchase insurance for a car without registration, you must correctly calculate the cost. Use the calculator and enter the data according to the parameters of your car:

  • Vehicle type - select a car, trailer or other type

  • Engine size - select the required engine size from the list (for cars and motorcycles)

  • Duration - you need to choose the duration of the insurance that is acceptable to you. If the car is on transit numbers, then choose the duration until the car is registered. Be careful! Insurance companies are increasingly refusing insurance for less than 1 year. In this regard, this item may disappear from the calculator.

  • Place of registration - IMPORTANT! You must select "foreign registration" (including for transit numbers) by clicking on the appropriate checkbox. In this case, the possibility of choosing your locality will be lost.

To check the authenticity of the issued insurance, follow the link - Checking the policy of a motor vehicle citizen (OSAGO) for authenticity 

Страхование автогражданки без украинской регистрации

Ways to resolve the issue for foreigners

There are two ways by which you can enter Ukraine and drive safely on our roads:

  • Get a Green Card. As for any other country, there is a Green Card insurance program. In order to obtain such a policy, you must contact the insurance company in your country and take out this type of insurance.

  • Autocitizen without registration. Purchase this car insurance in electronic form on our website. With it, you can enter the territory of Ukraine and move along Ukrainian roads.

A motor vehicle policy can be purchased even for unregistered cars on the territory of Ukraine. Such cars will be insured under a special zone, the so-called 6th zone for foreign cars.

Very often they buy insurance only for the time during which the car is on the territory of Ukraine. The term of the contract can be from 15 days to 1 year. The price of such an auto citizen can be calculated in the calculator.

OSAGO for foreign cars covers the same risks as domestic insurance for Ukrainian cars, which is familiar to motorists.

Стоимость грин карты в Польшу или в Европу

A way to resolve the issue for Ukrainians on transit numbers

If you have just purchased a car and still have transit numbers, then you have 2 ways of car insurance:

  1. The car is insured for 15 days (while the car is in transit numbers), and after registration you buy a full policy for 1 year.

  2. Immediately buy a full policy of autocitizen (it is issued for a VIN code that never changes). When changing numbers, it is possible to reissue the policy for the same period of validity free of charge. But it is more profitable to purchase insurance for 15 days, and then take out insurance for a registered car.