Medical insurance on the tour or separately?

Most often, when planning a trip through a tour operator, customers ask themselves the following questions: What kind of insurance is on the tour? Is it worth taking additional insurance with an insurance company? What is a franchise and what is it for?

These are the most popular questions that many are looking for answers to. Consider all the nuances of travel insurance abroad. 

Why do you need travel medical insurance?

Any country you plan to fly to requires insurance in case something happens to the tourist. Outside of Ukraine, medicine is very expensive, thus the tourist is not able to pay for serious treatment on his own. But in every country there are obligations to the inhabitants. These obligations are assumed by the insurance company.

What insurance is included in the tour packages?

In most cases, to reduce the cost of the tour, it includes a minimum insurance. What is meant by minimum insurance? To reduce the price of insurance, there is a franchise - this is the amount that the tourist himself pays during the insured event.

It is also important that these insurances are limited in insurance coverage. Often, instead of 30,000 euros, indicate 15,000 euros. And this is a significant difference.

You can calculate the current cost of travel insurance directly on our website.

Do not forget to find out about the insured events that are included in the medical insurance on the tour, very often they are limited and not interesting for the tourist.

Many people think that insurance is not needed to fly to another country, because nothing has ever happened. This is a wrong opinion, and it will definitely change for anyone who still faces problems in another country.

Is it worth it to buy travel insurance in addition to the tour?

We, the KIRINS insurance agent, recommend doing this. This, at a minimum, will guarantee that at the time of the accident, the tourist will be protected from a significant expenses of personal funds.

On our website you can also buy travel insurance for pensioners.

Why is it worth taking out a policy on our website?

  • Coverage from 30,000 euros to 100,000 euros at the choice of the client

  • Round-the-clock tourist support in Ukrainian

  • Competitive insurance price

  • Zero franchise - all costs are covered by the insurance company