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Attention! Green card are issued only for cars with Ukrainian registration
Being abroad, you can also take out insurance

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Green card coverage limits

Each country participating in the Green Card system has set its own limits for covering insurance claims under international motor third party liability. Depending on where the accident occurred, the insurance coverage will be different. Keep this in mind when visiting a particular country

Per accident
Per person
CountryPersonal injuriesMaterial damage
Poland€ 5 000 000€ 1 000 000
Romania€ 6 070 000€ 1 220 000
Hungary€ 4 946 975€ 1 545 930
Slovakia€ 5 000 000€ 1 000 000
Moldova€ 255 838€ 51 168
Austria€ 6 300 000€ 1 400 000
Albania€ 404 204€ 80 841
Andorra€ 50 000 000€ 50 000 000
Azerbaijan€ 25 877€ 2 588
BelgiumUnlimited€ 120 067 656


What does a Green Card policy look like? What data does it contain?

You can see an example of Green Card insurance before you take it out. However, once you have taken out the policy, you will receive a pdf file from the company you choose from among other offers.
The policy may differ depending on the company, but it must contain the following information:

  • insurance contract number
  • data from the order form (about the person and the vehicle)
  • QR code with MTIBU information
  • list of countries covered by the insurance

Is it possible to buy insurance from "today"?

It is possible to issue insurance from today's date if: 1. The car is located in Ukraine and it is necessary to cross the border today 2. By choosing an offer from the list with the description: "The possibility of ordering from "today"" But be careful that in this case you will NOT receive an electronic contract, but a scanned copy from the printed version

What losses are covered by the Green Card policy?

Green Card insurance indemnifies for damages caused to property, life or health of injured third parties. Accordingly, the policy covers the civil liability of the insured in the event of a traffic accident in the territory of the participating countries.

How to check the validity of the insurance?

You can check its validity by the QR code printed on Green Card or by the car number or Green Card certificate in the official MTIBU database. Immediately after issuance, the international motor third party liability insurance policy is entered into the MTIBU database, where border guards can verify the authenticity of the document.

Will one Green Card policy be enough for me to cross several borders?

By purchasing a valid Green Card policy, you can freely move around the territory of all 43 countries participating in the Green Card system. You can find the list of countries and the cost of insurance on the Green Card page of our website.

What does the price of a Green Card for a car depend on?

The price of car insurance depends on the type of vehicle, the period of validity and the direction of travel. You can calculate the current cost of the policy in our online calculator.

Is there an additional discount for pensioners or people with disabilities?

Preferential terms for OSAGO insurance do not apply to Green Card policies.

How do I know when the certificate expires?

You don't need to think about it, because we will remind you in advance via email.

Having chosen the direction of Europe, are Moldova and Azerbaijan included?

Yes, if you choose the direction of travel "Europe", then Moldova and Azerbaijan are also covered. If "Moldova, Azerbaijan" is selected - only these 2 countries

Do I need to print a Green Card?

Yes, according to the requirements of the MTIBU, the Green Card must be printed on a regular printer in A4 format

Who needs to take out a Green Card certificate?

You can take out Green Card insurance for the owner of the car or for any other person. To cross the border and drive a car on behalf of the owner, supporting documents (driver's license and power of attorney) are required. The Green Card policy is issued for the car, not for its owner.

What to do in case of an insured event abroad?

In case of an accident abroad you should:

  1. Record the details of the accident by taking photos or videos.
  2. Draw up a Europrotocol with the other party to the accident or call the police.
  3. If the police arrive, get a certificate about the circumstances of the accident.
  4. Notify the insurance company of the insured event within 15 days from the date of the accident.
You can check the policy of which foreign insurance company the other party to the accident has by following the link CONTACTS OF FOREIGN INSURANCE BUREAUS
In case the at-fault driver does not have a valid insurance policy, you should contact the national Agency of the country where the accident occurred.

Can I apply for a Green Card policy while I am abroad?

Yes, you can buy Green Card policy even for a car that is already in another country from a date later than today (for example, from tomorrow). To do this, you need to calculate the cost of the Green Card in our online calculator and enter the necessary data in the order form. After that, the ready-made insurance file will be sent to your email.

Do I need to take out insurance for refugees?

A Green Card is mandatory for all Ukrainians traveling abroad by car.

Can I get a Green Card for a car with foreign license plates?

No, the Green Card certificate is valid only for vehicles with Ukrainian registration.

When planning a trip by car from Mykolaiv to another country, it is important to remember the necessary documents that will come in handy when crossing the border.

Ukrainian cars must be insured under the international Green Card system.

What is a Green Card (Green Card) policy?

A green card is an automobile type of insurance that must be presented when crossing the border of Ukraine and, if necessary, on the territory of other countries. Such a policy is issued for all types of ground vehicles. In order to feel safe, be sure to have an insurance policy with you. Let's look at the cases in which it can be useful:

  1. The owner of the insurance policy is at fault in the accident

  2. Damage to property, life or health of third parties

The cost of the Green Card in Mykolaiv

The price of a Green Card in Mykolaiv depends on several factors:

  • Type of vehicle - the vehicle on which you plan to travel (passenger car or other types)

  • Destination (countries you plan to visit) - Green card is divided into 2 categories: Azerbaijan + Moldova or all European countries

  • Duration of insurance - Green card can be issued from a minimum period of 15 days to a maximum of 1 year.

  • You can calculate the current price of the Green Card policy on the website using the online calculator.

Where and how to buy a Green Card for a car in Mykolaiv

Having calculated the price according to the necessary parameters, you can choose an offer and fill out the order form. Within 5 minutes, the finished Green Card policy will be sent to your email.

Necessary documents for registration of physical insurance. persons:

Registration certificate (both sides)

  • Driver's license

  • Identification code (TIN)

Documents for legal persons:

  • Registration certificate (both sides)

  • Company registration certificate 

Benefits of issuing a policy at the KIRINS insurance agency

We, the insurance agency KIRINS, will help you to get a Green Card policy in Mykolaiv easily and cheaply. During business hours, we will answer your question within 1-2 minutes, on weekends we try to provide the fastest assistance. So, let's highlight a number of advantages that will help you choose us:

  • Reliable - immediately after registration, the insurance appears in the MTIBU database, where you can check its authenticity by the insurance policy number or car number

  • Open - the insurance has a QR code and a letter code

  • Fast - we will issue a Green Card in 5 minutes!

  • Free shipping - get insurance the next day at the nearest New Post office, delivery is absolutely free

  • Actual - all prices are presented on the website