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Attention! Green card are issued only for cars with Ukrainian registration
Being abroad, you can also take out insurance

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Green card coverage limits

Each country participating in the Green Card system has set its own limits for covering insurance claims under international motor third party liability. Depending on where the accident occurred, the insurance coverage will be different. Keep this in mind when visiting a particular country

Per accident
Per person
CountryPersonal injuriesMaterial damage
Poland€ 5 000 000€ 1 000 000
Romania€ 6 070 000€ 1 220 000
Hungary€ 4 946 975€ 1 545 930
Slovakia€ 5 000 000€ 1 000 000
Moldova€ 255 838€ 51 168
Austria€ 6 300 000€ 1 400 000
Albania€ 404 204€ 80 841
Andorra€ 50 000 000€ 50 000 000
Azerbaijan€ 25 877€ 2 588
BelgiumUnlimited€ 120 067 656


For whom is the Green Card issued?

Green card insurance can be issued to any person. To cross the border and drive a car on behalf of the owner, supporting documents (driver's license and power of attorney) are required.

How to show the insurance at the border?

We will send you an electronic policy file to the specified email address. To successfully cross the border, you just need to print it on a regular A4 sheet.

Can I buy a Green Card while already abroad?

Yes, you can place an order for a car that is already in another country from a date greater than today (for example, from tomorrow).

How to check the authenticity of the Green Card certificate?

After receiving the insurance policy, you can check its authenticity by the QR code printed on it or by the car number or Green Card in the official MTIBU database.

Are you going on a trip abroad by car? Think over your route, interesting locations in advance, and prepare the necessary documents to make your trip a little more interesting. When planning a trip from Odessa by your car, do not forget to issue a Green Card insurance certificate.

Auto insurance The Green Card is a type of international motor third party liability insurance that provides you with protection abroad in the event of an accident. In other words, the policy covers damage caused to third parties in the territory of another country.

Insurance policy Green card is issued for a car, trailer, truck, bus or motorcycle.

The cost of the Green Card in Odessa

The cost of the Green Card policy for a car in Odessa varies depending on the following parameters:

  1. Travel territory - Green card is issued to all European countries, which are registered in the insurance policy, or only Azerbaijan and Moldova. You can choose the direction when calculating the price in our calculator.

  2. Type of vehicle - the price will be different for each type of vehicle. For example, for a bus, the price will be higher than for a passenger car or motorcycle.

  3. The duration of the trip - even if your trip lasts several days, you will need to issue a policy for a minimum period of 15 days. You can buy a Green Card monthly or immediately purchase annual insurance. We recommend that you order a policy for a year if you plan to travel to other countries periodically. This is much more profitable, because the cost of policies when issued each time for 15 days will be 3 times more than a one-time annual order.

You can calculate the exact price of the policy using an online calculator.

Documents required for obtaining a Green Card for a car in Odessa

We have made the process of buying a Green Card for a car simple and understandable so that you feel comfortable. You don't have to wait in lines or waste time driving to the office. You just need to fill out the order form on our website with the information that you will find in the following documents:

For registration of physical persons:

  • Registration certificate (both sides)

  • Driver's license

  • Identification code (TIN)

For legal persons:

  • Registration certificate (both sides)

  • Company registration certificate

Benefits of issuing a policy at the KIRINS insurance agency

The main advantage of obtaining insurance on our platform is a convenient service. You can get a policy within 10 minutes and save your details for even more convenient bookings in the future. We will remind you about the end of the Green Card in advance and inform you about our bonuses and interesting offers.